Pre-K to 8th Grade Uniforms and Dress Code

The Unified Schools of St. Mary Magdalen & St. John the Evangelist partner with Land’s End to provide high-quality uniforms for each student. Learn more about our school dress code by downloading the School Uniform Guidelines. School uniforms can be ordered online through Lands' End. Our school number is 900105479.

Download Uniform Guidelines

Lands' End School Uniforms  

After reviewing the dress code options, please get in touch with the school office if you have additional questions about the dress code policy.


Connecting your online Lands' End purchase with a RaiseRight-Lands' End gift card is a great way to make a uniform purchase. You purchase the RaiseRight card through our fundraising program and use that gift card to purchase uniforms.

The RaiseRight purchase counts toward your fair share contribution—plus, both you and the school benefit!

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